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Colormoji 3D
Download Colormoji 3D coloring app on Google Play
Download Colormoji 3D coloring app on App Store
Download Colormoji 3D coloring app on Amazon Appstore
*For all ages
*Free Coloring app
*Integrate with Colormoji coloring Toy 
*Available on the App Store for iOS devices 
*Available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android devices
Colormoji 3d cloring app is an Art and Craft project tool
Arts & Crafts

"Colormoji 3D" is a coloring app and Colormoji models are an art sculptures. That package allows you to use your whole imagination to create a beautiful painting on the most cost-effective and durable models. It gives you the opportunity to detail your model through the combination of carving and painting in order to get a perfect masterpiece.

Furthermore, Colormoji is the most hassle-free arts and crafts work. Correcting errors and detailing have never been that easy. Any colored area can be easily removed or trimmed by scratching it with plastic edge or tip.

Furthermore, with “Colormoji 3D”, you can learn the color name of your painting area. Relax and enjoy that unique artistic experience.

Colormoji 3D is a social entertainment app for all family

"Colormoji 3D" is an essential part of a complete social entertainment app activity.

Remember not so many years ago when coloring, painting, and crafting was a social entertaining leisure time for kids, family, and friends?  Nowadays, all the fun and entertainment has shifted to become individually placed behind the touch screen of mobile devices.

Colormoji provides a bridge in between the old and new forms of entertainment. Through combining the magic of the virtual word created by these stunning mobile devices and the excitement of the world of handcrafts and inventive activities, Colormoji proves to possess all forms of entertainment. It allows you to view radiant colors on screen, then shift to enjoying the vivid colors on the real physical art model.

Colormoji 3D app is great educational value that close the gap between real world and virtual world

By bringing technology and hand activities together, Colormoji is the perfect model to learn the fundamentals of design. The art project simulates the professional world in which a project is completed through all senses, technology, inventive thinking, and refining. Based on that, the “Colormoji 3D” app provides a user-friendly tool that helps the user connect the 2D drawing to its 3D model. Through creating this fun, educational project, Colormoji closed the gap between real world and virtual world. Therefore "Colormoji 3D" is highly eligible to be considered as a unique educational app.

Colormoji 3D app encourage creativity

There are no limits to creativity and imagination when using Colormoji. in Fact "Colormoji 3D" stimulate that creativity inside everyone. Both the app and the model allow you to take control of your own art project. They foster creativity by helping you use your imagination and express yourself, your thoughts, and your mood. They provide you with an abundance of colors and allow you to choose your own color combinations.

Use the “Colormoji 3D” app to help you recognize the coloring areas in your model and create your own color palettes.

Remember, the app palette only serves as a guide to help you through the creative and educational process—you do not have to follow the exact colors in it. Be imaginative and innovative! Feel free to express yourself through your own style and color scheme!

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