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Sweet Art


“Colormoji” is an art and craft project using is a specially designed container that is paintable.

The twist, and what makes Colormoji different, is our coloring aid mobile app “Colormoji 3D”

Before users paint their characters, they download our app for help. The app offers them a 360-degree virtual view of their container. They can choose colors and design it in the app before they ever start to color the actual model.

It really brings together their love of technology and of creating. Because it’s a hybrid approach to learning and play, kids and adults will love Colormoji.

link to Download Colormoji 3D App on google play and App Store
How Does it Work?

How Does It Work?

Enjoy what's Inside & Out 

For your convenience, we delivered Colormoji in many configurations:

  • Empty container (Goody Pack) to be used the to hold your own candies, homemade treats, or use it as a small compartment storage box.

  • Filled in with healthy snacks and candies.

  • Attached to externally packaged healthy snacks and candies (Goody Pack + Add-on).

In any configuration, our product is a great tool for learning and fun.

Remember that Colormoji is a great idea for Gift Bags or goodies bags for a birthday party or any other occasion.  

what is  Colormoji ?

simply, it is a consumer product available empty or filled with healthy candies or snacks.

But Colormoji is a Very Unique Consumer Product   because its container is more than just packaging.

It’s a convergence of creativity and learning through the merging of technology and hands-on fun.

Colormoji is a Unique Consumer product

Colormoji packaging was developed in a creative designing style that converts it to an innovative and educational coloring game. Colormoji turned a plastic storage container into an Art and Craft coloring toy or model, and integrated it with the technology of mobile device in an interactive coloring pages app.

Colormoji is an Art and Craft Hands Activity

Our free coloring app "Colormoji 3D" is more than a coloring aid for the painting the model, it is also a great engine for learning colors and exploring the translating between 2D drawing and 3D model.

Colormoji is a Coloring Game and More  

Colormoji simulates today's professional scheme for completing a real project. Design using technology in the virtual world , then implement the design using hand in the real world.     

Colormoji is a cool game concept that bridges the gap between technology and hands-on play.

Colormoji is an integrated Learning Game  

Colormoji is art and craft hands-on activity for Family
Colormoji is art and craft hands-on activity for kids and adults
What is Colormoji

You’ll Love Colormoji

It’s no secret that technology has taken over our imagination. However, it is NOT a substitute for creating something with our hands.

Technology allows us to have a modern world and adds much to the human experience. Instead of choosing between mobile games and hands-on activities, how about integrating art and craft with using mobile apps technology?

That’s exactly what Colormoji has done. With our unique models and Colormoji 3D mobile game app, technology and hands activity have finally met.

Why Colormoji?

Why Colormoji?

Does your child spend hours on a tablet or smart phone? Although technology provides many benefits in the modern world, it doesn’t replace hands-on learning. Technology can’t teach hand-eye coordination. It simply cannot take the place of participating in actual activities. So, why not blend the two? Kids still enjoy time on their devices. But they’ll use what they learn to complete a real world project. They can take pride in what they create. And, it’s a great activity for the whole family. Color your bottles together. See how each person interprets their creation. Learning and fun really can go hand in hand.

Colormoji educational and learning value in integrating the technology of mobile device and hand activity
Technology is not a substitute for hand activity

Packaging typically ends up in the trash. So, we decided to add a function to it. We wanted kids and adults to have fun and enjoy healthy delicious bites, so we selected our candies and snacks out of the best in the market. We needed to create packaging for that treat that provided entertainment. We wanted to inspire others to use their imagination.

Instead of just saying paint as you like, we added a technology component. With our handy 3D modeling, you can get an up-close view of all the bottle’s features. The color mobile app allows a merger of technology and hands-on creativity. Technology is such an important part of our lives. But it simply can’t take the place of real world learning and hands-on experience.

With our bottles, you can paint with the help of 3D models. Use the app to determine what colors look good. It’s something the whole family can do together. By combining technology and real world activities, learning can be fun on so many levels!

we Create

Colormoji provide environmental, educational, and entertainment value for all the family

Colormoji It’s much more than just a package. It’s an experience. Colormoji packaging provides great entertainment, educational and environmental values to our products. 

Enjoy our goodies but the fun starts when they are gone!

What Inspired US

About Us
How Technology Affect Us?

How Technology Affect US?

While the benefits of Mobile devices are huge, there are plenty of disadvantages which are not being suitably addressed and are greatly affecting our children.  We need to think about how we can effectively use mobile touching devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones without damaging our future generations.

Technology is such an important part of our lives. But it simply can’t take the place of real world learning and touching.

Just five years ago the world was warned by experts saying 80% of children were starting school with poor co-ordination due to a sedentary lifestyle. Can you imagine what that percentage is now with the growth in tablet popularity? Even traditional pastimes are wearing thin on the ground and sadly, many children don’t even spend their leisure time grabbing crayons and colouring because there are Apps on an iPad that don’t require physical colour pencils.  It’s no wonder their motor and co-ordination skills are limited and hand to eye co-ordination is increasingly at risk. Moreover, many concerns related to the development of social skills are calling for parents’ attention. Research shows that children are displaying excessive aggression, depression, academic under achievement, poor sleep patterns and obesity linked to excessive use of iPads and tablets (source Sue Palmer, Psychologist).

With Colormoji, kids still enjoy time on their devices but can use them as a tool for a real world project. It’s a learning experience that never ends.

We have to think about how our children now play less physically with each other and more in a computer created virtual world and the negative impact of that fact.
How Technology Affect Us,  explain the impact of mobile device technology on our life and our children education and skill. That Impact has a positive and negative side, and we have to use the technology in different way to avoid the negative side.
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